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If you want to find a happy relationship, dating heat will help you.


We all crave love and happiness and the first step toward them is dating.
Dating is as old as the human race, but in these modern days, online dating is flourishing and is more and more popular as people live hectic lives.

Dating happy couple

When dating men for potential relationships, women generally emphasize their feminine traits and their visual appeal and looks. Women would like to stress serenity, gentleness, loving nature, caring and sweetness.
When dating women, men like emphasize their masculine traits and handsomeness. Traditional masculine traits of generativity, generosity, husbandry, honor, sense of adventure, confidence become more important...

Of course, everyone is different and all qualities are somewaht relative. Everyone can find a dating partner, because after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The dating heat is on :)